Jelly Builder Gel 30 ml with Flakes 02

Extremely durable, innovative building gel in the most fashionable colour of sheer pink , semi-transparent  with delicate particles. Thanks to the consistency of the jelly, it allows you to build 5 nails at once, without fear of changing the built shape and flooding the cuticles.

How to apply Hard Jelly Gel ?

1) Put nail form.

2) Apply base coat and cure with UV lamp.

3) Apply hard jelly extension gel with nail art pen, and curing about 2 minutes by UV/LED lamp.

4)  Remove nail form (it is normal for sticky layer after curing)

5) Clean the nail surface to remove sticky layer, and shape the nails with nail clippers.

6) Polish the nail surface with nail file, clean the nail.

7) Apply topcoat and cure under UV/ LED lamp.


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Curing time: UV lamp – 2 min Led lamp 48 W – 60 seconds

Curing time:
UV lamp – 2 minutes
Led lamp 48 W – 60 seconds



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