Jelly Sculpture builder gel Clear 30 ml

These gels do not move, where you place it, it will stay! As they don’t self level expect to file a little more to perfect than normal. Absolutely brilliant for building the perfect structure, creating length with forms and correcting imperfections.

Sculpture builder gel - Polish'd London


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  • The hardest builder gel with a thick jelly-like consistency.
  • Does not run off into cuticles, thanks to gentle levelling
  • Easy control of the gel when applying with a brush
  • Accelerates the pace of work
  • Dedicated to extensions
  • Increased resistance to cracks and scratches.
Builder Gel Jelly Properties 
  • Extension:  – Yes
  • Consistency:  – Dense, jelly-like
  • Colour: –Clear
  • Application:  – Extension, filling, hardening of natural plate
  • Build-up:  – Yes
  • Regrowth filling: – Yes


  • 36 W UV LED lamp – 60 secs.
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