PH Bond & Base 10 ml

Polish’d London Bond Base base nail base is a professional product created specifically for manicurists who strive for the highest quality and duration of their work.

Its transparent formula provides a natural look to the nails, and the liquid consistency makes application as easy and comfortable as possible. A high level of adhesion guarantees reliable fixation of manicure materials, ensuring the durability of the coating.

With an acidity of ph – 4.5, this base helps maintain a healthy condition of the nail plate. Its medium plasticity makes it an ideal choice for modeling the shape and length of nails.


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1. Prepare the nail with a file of 180 grit.

2. Thoroughly exfoliate the nail.

3. Apply the base with a rubbing layer and smooth it so that the nail looks wet, but without volume.

4. Cure and remove the sticky layer.

Next, level with the rubber base or any camouflage base/ builder gels/ acrygels. Curing  time: in a 48W LED lamp – 60 seconds for each application technique.

We recommend: remove the sticky layer before applying color or camouflage base.

The base requires a minimum amount of primer or can be used without it.

Product Feature:

  1. transparent
  2. liquid consistency
  3. has a high level of adhesion
  4. acidity ph – 4.5
  5. average ductility
  6. not recommended for allergy sufferers
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