Magnetic Effect Gel Polish Cats Eyes 10 ml MG02

Conjure magnetic reflections with a collection of revolutionary hybrid varnishes, thanks to which you will get a hypnotizing effect and emphasize your feminine magnetism.

The collection of six shimmering hybrids combines shades of gold, silver, pink, beige, lively pink and subtle peach.

You can create the phenomenal cat’s eye effect with one or two magnets, with which you can freely control the dispersion of the magnetic varnish particles, applied to the selected colour of the Blooming Garden collection. Highlight your wild nature and decide on the strength of the effect yourself!

Thanks to micro-cups of metal contained in the formula, a dedicated magnet is enough to attract metallic dust and create luminous, shimmering patterns resembling a cat’s eye. The Cat Eye magnet should be applied approximately 5 mm away from the painted nail.


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UV Gel polishes Polish’d London are designed for people looking for a hybrid that not only have a rich palette of colours but primarily provide comfort applications and guarantee excellent quality.

Wonderful distribute – levelling

  • Free of odour
  • On the nail looks like a classic nail polish
  • ZERO corrugations in the lamp, shrinkage during curing, oxidation, change in colour
  • They do not contain formaldehyde
  • Flat brush ensures precise, comfortable application
  • Ideal for use on natural nails, gel, acrylic
  • Easy to remove
  • The LED lamp cure at 30 seconds, 60 seconds UV
  • For professional use only
  • 10 ml


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