Gel nail polish UV/LED 10ml. Icy

Gel  nail polish from Polish’d London- always the right choice.

Polish’d London is a brand that combines excellent quality nail gels polish to achieve professional and durable gel manicure.Polish’d London is characterised by intense pigmentation, which means one layer alone provides excellent coverage.Polish’d London has a wide range of colours making it easy to find that perfect colour for you.

The advantages of the Polish’d London UV nail gel polish:

stay up to 3 weeks

no splitting

scratch – resistant

high-gloss finish

hardness in seconds

high cover for the first-Second layer

stabilises natural nails

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1. Delicately matt the nail plate with a buffer, remove the dust and clean the nail plate with some Cleaner.

2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure under a LED/UV lamp according to the table graph.

3. Apply a thin layer of the gel colour of your choosing and cure under a LED/UV lamp according to the table graph (the darker the colour, the longer the curing time). If you want to achieve deeper colours repeat this step.

4. Apply a layer of top coat  for a glossy finish

5. Cure again under a LED/UV lamp according to the table graph and wash with Cleaner.

6. To remove gel polish  manicure, get rid of the glossy layer with a buffer and then apply Aceton.

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