Gel nail polish UV/LED 10 ml hema free WG014 light grey


• Intense colours  with excellent opacity
• Removable
• Simple and thin application
• Fast processing
• Can be used for gel and natural nails


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UV curing time (in seconds):
LED curing time (seconds):


The Longlife UV Lack is a thin-viscous, removable, specially formulated UV / LED nail polish. Easy application in thin layers so that excess volume can be reduced. The curing time is 120 seconds in UV light and 90 seconds in LED light.


To prepare the natural nail push your cuticle back and remove the remains of cuticles from the nail plate. File your nails into shape and matt the nail surface with a buffer file. Remove the nail dust with a brush.
Apply the  Base / Top thinly over the entire surface. Be careful not to work the product on the cuticles. It is important that the free nail tips are sheathed. Then cure for 120 seconds under UV light or 90 seconds in LED light.
Now apply your gel colour over the entire surface and cure it under UV or LED light.
For a long-lasting shine, apply the  Base / Top all over. After curing, remove the sticky layer with a cleaner.

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