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Acryl-Gel is not an acrylic, either a gel. It is a hybrid system which combines gel and acrylic.
Years of experience and development brought us to this solution. And all users agree that Acryl Gel delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails. It is odourless and produces no airborne dust. After curing it leaves only a slight dispersion film. Acrylic-Gel is an all-in-one formula for the perfect working consistency. No mixing, no ratios.
Performance for perfectly easy, chase-free applications. The extra putty-like viscosity assures smooth, immaculate. Pinchable for perfect statics.

Step 1 – Prepare:

Roughen the nail . File the nail into the desired shape. Push cuticle back or remove. Thoroughly clean and cleaner the nail surface. To sculpt use nail forms or nail tips.

Step 2 – Priming:

Apply a thin coat of Acrylic-Gel Primer and allow to dry for a short time. Do not remove the dispersion film!

Step 3 – Construction:

Take the desired amount of Acrylic-Gel from the jar with a metal spatula and place on the nail. Moisten the brush slightly with the Acryl Gel Liquid provided. Using the moistened brush, model the Acryl Gel into the desired shape. Cure for 2 minutes in a UV curing lamp or 1 minute in a LED curing lamp. Remove the dispersion film and file the modelling.

Step 4 – Seal:

Thoroughly remove dust and cleaner the finished modelling. Design your nails as you like. You can apply gel nail polish on top of Acrygel extensions for a finished result.

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